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    Learn also to develop web designing.We welcome your Q's. Just follow us ...">    


Inndiva (Innovative Designers), a team, a breed apart,waiting for a bis stage to show our talent in web designing.We will challenge the equllibrium and our design will definitely be a second identity to your organisation.

  • web design

    We do web designing.

    We can work on HTML,Flash,JAVA & MySQL. We can also design websites for schools to publish the results of their monthly and term exams in their own website.Like students get their board exam results they can give their register number and view their results.

  • web coding

    We code

    We, an enthusiastic team, waiting for a big stage to prove ourselves.We can work and teach on HTML,Flash,JAVA,MySQL,C & C++

  • Multimedia

    We do multimedia designing

    We can design flash DVD's and videos. We work and teach Adobe Flash , Movie maker , Adobe Premiere , After Effects , etc.,

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    Going to design , a new company to teach and produce products on android apps

  • For stills ravi.

    Going to design a website for a great legend in stills photographer stills ravi